canvas art using vinyl

I have been loving the geometric heart art that I have been seeing on Pinterest.  I was looking through the Silhouette Online store and I stumbled upon this geometric heart. I knew I wanted to do something with it…but wasn’t sure.  It sat in my library for a few weeks and then it hit me. Put it on canvas!

I never thought to put heat transfer vinyl onto canvas before.  I actually tried this project using vinyl with a sealant and it just wasn’t working. It bubbled up and I couldn’t get it to stick right.  I looked over to my stash of heat transfer vinyl and thought I would give it a go!

Geometric heart

I stretched it out as big as I could in my Silhouette Studio.

I decided to use the metallic heat transfer vinyl (HTV). I weeded the design and placed it on my canvas. My canvas was 16 X 16.

Geometric Heart Canvas ART

It took a few passes of my iron to get the design to peel off the transfer plastic. Once the design was ironed on, it was finished! I was debating on filling in some spaces with paint but I chose not to. I really like it’s simplicity.

canvas valentine art

After the project was done, I literally said out loud “that’s it!?”.  I was surprised that nothing went wrong and it seriously took me all of 15 minutes. See those silver votives? They are actually IKEA whiskey glasses spray painted with Krylon Mirror paint. I got the idea from my friend Amy from Homey Oh My! Check out her tutorial here.

Heart Canvas Art

Done! It couldn’t of been easier. I love that CAMEO. I think once Valentine’s day is over it may find a permanent home else where.

Have you made some Valentine art this year? Link it in the comments I would love to see! 🙂