Paper Heart Garland How To

I have a teeny tiny confession.  I love pretty paper.  I love pretty paper almost the same as pretty fabric.  I am not even that great a crafting cards. I try, but seriously those ladies have skills.  I can make a card look nice but not super decked out like ones I have seen.  So why do I hoard paper?? Because I love to decorate with it!!

I am always making garlands, wreaths, or embellishing party decor. So I whipped out my stash and fell in love with  the light pinks, grays, and floral prints I found.

pretty paper to make heart garland

Now I did cheat a little bit.  I used my CAMEO to cut out my hearts.  However, I did not forget about my friends who do not own a Silhouette. At the bottom of this post I included a heart template.


making heart garland

Once my hearts were cut out I stacked them in to nice and neat piles.

sewing paper

Then one by one I feed the hearts into my machine.  I left just a little space in between the next heart.  I had no snags or hiccups during this process. It went fairly easy!

make your own paper heart garland

Once finished I placed it on my fantle to give a little color to my geometric heart art.

heart garland

Easy Peasy! Ahh! I love decorating for Valentine’s day. There is something about pink and floral that this boy mom doesn’t get to see everyday. Valentine’s day will be my reason to get a little pink in the house!  For those who need a heart template I’ve included it here with three heart sizes: 3 Hearts

paper garland

Have a great day! <3!