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I am starting to finally figure out this boy mom thing. The messier an activity…the better!

We are always doing some kind of messy activity with B and I have been trying out some “learning in disguise” projects.  I took to Pinterest and found a recipe for foam paint.  It involves a couple of drops of food coloring and shaving cream.


So I had  B mix the shaving cream and food coloring together. We talked about all the different colors and what colors we could mix to make another color.  It was a little messy but he loved mixing up his foam paint.



He added all kinds of colors in his tin. He ended up with more brown colors because he just wanted to mix every color we had.

carwash2Once our foam paint was mixed it was time to get our cars dirty.  So armed with a paint brush he made his cars get all “dirty”.  We made this a number and art game. I asked him how many cars he had and how many he was going to dirty. He made the cars go through the foam paint and drew with the wheels of the cars on the paper I had laid down. He also finger painted with the foam paint.


Little brother woke up from his nap and joined in on the fun too. It’s such a simple activity but they really liked the concept of getting their cars dirty and washing them!


To clean the cars we just threw them in a bucket of water. Easy!

Dirty Clothes

With all the foam paint we ended up coloring the driveway, toys, and our clothes. I have to say I was a little worried I would have a hard time getting food coloring out of the clothes. I am not that person to sit there with a stain stick and rub out little stains either.

I was really excited to try the new Gain Flings.  I couldn’t believe how easy they are to use! You basically just toss one of the packages right into the laundry.  That’s it! No worrying about the messy liquid or adding other stain removers. Gain Flings have Oxi boost plus Febreze in each package so you do not need to add anything extra. It was simple and that is what I liked about it.

Gain Flings from Target

This was my first time using a pac for laundry.  I was curious if my laundry would still have the amazing Gain smell.  It did!! Gain Flings actually have 50% more scent in those little packages! My laundry has been smelling amazing. I can’t be the only one out there that loves smelling laundry right out of the dryer, right?!? 😉

Gain Flings from Target

Here is the shirt after the wash. No food color stains and it smells so good!

I always look forward to all the messy fun activities we have together. It’s the little everyday activities I look back on the most. With the help of Gain Flings, I know my laundry will be a breeze and I am a little less worried about all those stains on their clothes!

Do you love the smell of Gain as much as I do?  Gain Flings come in two scents (Original and Moonlight Breeze) and can be found at Target.




Foam Paint Car Wash | Lil Mrs Tori