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Hi Friends!

10 Apples Up on Top is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books.  Since his birthday is right around the corner I whipped up these numbered bean bags for my boys.  They love reading this book too. I think it is the apple stacking on the head that gets them every time.  I thought making some felt apple bean bags would be a fun way to make this story come to life for them.

The bean bags are super easy to make.  First, you will want to download the template.


Apple Bean Bag Template PDF

Apple Gift Tag

Apple Bean Bag Studio File


I also included a studio file for the Silhouette.  This was my first time cutting felt on my Silhouette. It didn’t turn out as well as I hoped but I know I was using the wrong type of felt.  My friend Jessica over at Cutesy Crafts is the Felt Queen.  She has a great tutorial on cutting felt with your Silhouette and she reassured me that wool felt is the way to go.  I was impatient so mine is acrylic. I have ordered some wool felt and I am patiently waiting!!

For this craft I used 4 sheets of red felt for the apples, 1 sheet of black for the numbers, 1 sheet of green and brown for the stem and leaf.


Once my felt was cut it was time to start sewing.

I pinned my numbers on and using black thread I just sewed the numbers following the shape of the number.



I then sandwiched two apples together and added my leaf/stem to the middle. I pinned around my apple. Using red thread I sewed all the way around leaving a 1 inch open.  I used this opening to fill the bean bags with beans.


A 16 oz. bag of beans was all I needed to fill all 10 of my bags.  They lay flat which is what I wanted since we want to stack them on our heads!


Close up your hole and trim up an excess felt.  Done! It took me about 30 minutes to cut the felt (I used my Silhouette and cut some by hand) and 1 hour to sew and stuff the bags.


Now it’s time to have some fun.

Apple Bean Bag FUN

We played with the bean bags a couple of different ways.

We counted how many we could stack on our heads. Just like the book we kept trying to compete with each other.  We got up to 5 before the apples came crashing down!

We also put them in order by number on the floor and  tried tossing them in our bucket.  It promotes number recognition and a little fun at the same time! They really loved playing with these little apple bean bags!


I think this would be such a cute preschool or Kindergarten gift for a teacher.  Just make up the felt bean bags, put them in a tin with this tag and present it with the book.  A perfect Seuss celebration gift!



So I just have to know what’s your favorite Dr. Seuss book??



For more patterns with felt check out my robot bag and if you are looking for more teacher gift ideas check out this fun mason jar!

Have a wonderful week!