Crochet Flowers

Learning how to crochet has been one of those things on my crafting bucket list…like forever. I crocheted once when I was really young and the only thing I did was make a super long chain stitch.  Not that exciting and I never picked it up again.

Enter Amy from One Artsy Mama. I met her back in January and was in awe of her awesome crochet skills. Seriously, she just whipped herself up some super cute boot cuffs in no time. So one afternoon armed with a hook, yarn, and my trusty laptop I sat down and learned how to crochet.  Surprisingly, I picked it up pretty easily and I didn’t want to stop!!

I scoured the internet for great beginner tutorials. I found some to be hard to follow or some videos to be way too fast.  I also found out that I am one of those that needs to read the how-to, read it again, and then watch a video on it. Seeing someone crochet in action after reading a few tutorials really helped cement the skills.

Here are some of those tutorials that really helped me along the way.

Amy has an e-book out called Crochet 101. The posts were very easy to follow and her pictures were easy to understand. I also love that she explains all the crochet abbreviations you would encounter trying to read a pattern. That was so helpful and the e-book is free to her Facebook followers!

Kara from Petals to Picots also has a very good learn to crochet series. She also has some amazing patterns, you will get lost on her site just gawking at all her fun crochet projects.

Learn How To Crochet with Naztazia was the first YouTube video I found helpful. Once I went through the written tutorials and followed along, it also helped seeing it in action. I always worry about if I am doing it wrong so seeing it is great!

Now once I had a few basic stitches down I really wanted to make a flower. So I YouTube’d basic crocheted flower. I was getting so frustrated because some of the videos would go super fast and I would just be lost. I finally stumbled upon HappyBerry Crochet’s video – How to Sew A Flower Absolute Beginner. Amazing! It was so s.l.o.w. Which is exactly what I needed, not only that it was so easy to follow. I was seriously making flowers in no time!!!


If you want to learn how to crochet be sure to check out those links! They were so helpful. I definitely feel like I have the basics down.  I am still a little frightened by reading a pattern but hopefully with more time and practice I will get the hang of it.

So I just have to know, what has been on your crafting bucket list that you have been wanting to try??