A few of my blogging buddies got together and we knew we wanted to do something to celebrate April Fool’s day. So we put our head’s together and created a challenge for our self. The challenge we set for ourselves was to try to fit as many current trends as possible into one craft project, without it looking too overdone. As my friend, Lauren says “We knew we might make fools of ourselves with these projects but life is too short to take this too seriously! Especially, when it comes to crafting.”  There are so many current trends and some of them may be a little overdone.  This challenge was to celebrate those trends and mix them together in a big ol’ pot of crafty awesomeness.  So without further adieu, I give you my project…

Mason Jar Pencil Holder | LIl' Mrs. Tori

Teacher Appreciation is coming up next month and I wanted to make a little something for B’s teacher. I thought I would take this opportunity to create something for her.  I was going for some spring time cheer in the form of a pencil holder.   Let’s count how many trends I have in this particular project

  • Mason Jar – you know I had to! I love my mason jars!
  • Washi Tape
  • Gold
  • Chalkboard
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Jute
  • Floral Patterns
  • You can’t really tell from my picture but the pencils have chevron, geometric, and a polka dot design.

Washi Tape decorated Pencils


If you would like to make this fun little jar it was actually quite easy!

How to make your own mason jar pencil holder

Start by wrapping your jar with tape.

Washi Tape Pencil

Grab a few pencils and wrap them long ways in washi tape.

IMG_8434 copy

Using a then piece of chipboard make a circle. Paint with chalkboard paint and tie around the jar with jute/baker’s twine.  Simple!

Mason Jar Pencil Holder for Teacher | Lil Mrs. Tori

So what do you think? Do you think this might be a little overdone to give as a gift?

 Now here is where we need your help!  Remember my awesome blogging buddies.  They also created a super awesome trendy project and we want you to vote for your favorite! The winner will be dubbed the 2014 Queen Trendy!  So please take a look at the projects and vote for your favorite.


…and of course a good competition needs a good giveaway!  Each one of us came up with our own pencil to give to one winner…because pencils make the greatest April Fool’s Day gift!  That is 6 awesomely handmade pencils shipped to you from all over the U.S.  To enter just fill out the form above!

Giveaway for Washi Tape Pencil


So help us dub our next Queen Crafty! The winner will be announced via Facebook next week!



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