How to host the perfect craft party

You have seen the decorations, and the craft, now it is time to tell you all about the party! I want to share with you all the party fun, so you can see what I did, and maybe throw a party of your own!  I invited all my fellow military spouses of the South Bay Spouse’s Sub-club. It is a small off shoot of the Spouse’s club at the Los Angeles AFB.   Plaid Crafts was so kind and donated all the stencils, paints, and brushes for this party. Thank you Plaid Crafts!!!

Hosting a Craft Party

I had a great turnout. I had 8 party guests come and that was perfect for the size of my home. I had two tables with about 4 settings at each table. Before the party I did all the prep work. I laid out a kitchen towel for each spot, a plate for paint, and brushes, paint were on the tables. I also tried to open as many paint bottles I could before the party so they didn’t have to (I didn’t get to all of them!).  The tables were decorated with craft supplies.  You do not want to clutter the table too much with decorations because you really need the space to craft!

Craft Party

I showed a few examples of the finished towel and gave them a few pointers to help them get started. If you want more information on the craft we did read about it here! Then it was time to craft! It was the best part of the night.  I just jumped from table to table helping and snapping pictures. Everyone loved the Handmade Charlotte stencil designs and how easy it was to use.

Handmade Charlotte Stencils | Craft Party | Lil Mrs Tori

The amount of creativity was amazing. I loved seeing all the different towels and designs they came up with. It took about an hour for everyone to finish their towels.

Throwing a craft party

I held a Pinterest food contest. The ladies were to bring a homemade dessert or appetizer they found off Pinterest.  We voted on our favorite and the winners won an apron!  I will be sharing that apron and the winners later this week. The Pinterest Food contest was a hit. The ladies really came with some creative dishes and it saved me a little money in food costs!

Photobooth Fun at Craft Party

While others were finishing their towels, we had a little photobooth fun.

Craft Party Fun | Lil Mrs Tori

Here they are! All the kitchen towels creations! They did such a great job!!
It was such a fun night. I absolutely loved throwing this party and the chance to be creative with my friends! I think everyone had a great time.  Thank you Plaid Crafts for donating the supplies to make this party happen!

…and to wrap this all up for you here are 7 tips/takeaways I learned about throwing a craft party:

1. Pick a craft the majority of people can do. You do not want guests to feel like they can’t do it!

2. Time the craft you do end up picking. You do not want to have a craft that is going to take hours to do and you don’t want one you can finish in 5 minutes.  The kitchen towels took me about 30 minutes by myself to complete. It took everyone about 1 hour to complete because we were having fun, eating, and chatting. I also had a extra towels so if one of my guests were super speedy they could do another towel.

3. Make sure to do a few examples of the craft before the craft party. Just think of yourself as a teacher and you want to teach them how to make that particular craft. It helps to be prepared!

4. Do your prep work before the party! Set up your tables and get the craft supplies ready. You don’t want to be doing this last minute as guests arrive or after you explain the craft. You don’t want to waste time on just work you could of done before they came! It makes the evening flow smoothly and frees you up to be a great hostess.

5. Think about the costs of the party before you plan it. Throwing a craft party can get very costly. Food, supplies, drinks can really add up. The kitchen towels (I think) were a pretty economical craft. The towels I had found in a pack of 5 for very cheap. A few bottles of paint, daubers, and stencils can go a long way. Even if Plaid Crafts had not graciously donated the craft supplies, I would of been able to keep my costs low. I decided to hold the Pinterest competition to help alleviate the food costs. I have also heard others charging guests a small fee around $5 to cover the costs of the party.

6. Limit your guests to the space you have.  I think I could of had up to 10 guests comfortably in my house. When I first thought about having a craft party I was all like, “I am going to invite the entire club!!” Yeah. That would not have worked. Just inviting the sub-club made it a fun and intimate little party with enough space people weren’t working over top of each other.

7. Have fun! I can’t tell you enough how fun it is to invite friends over to craft. It is something I am passionate about and having them share that was perfect. Even though it seems like a craft party could be a big production, if you do all your prep work, you are really going to have a fun time!


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**Please know that I receive free products from Plaid to use in this post.  As always, my review and thoughts are all my own.**