**Please know that I did receive markers from BIC to use in my posts. My opinions are 100% my own.



Looking for a super easy Mother’s Day gift?? I have your project!

I have been wanting handprints of my kids forever. Just something cute to hang on the wall to capture how tiny their hands use to be. I have also love the permanent marker art that has been floating around Pinterest. So I decided to merge the two together.

So my first obstacle was how to get their hand shape.  I used adhesive sided cardstock because it was what I had on hand. I am sure you could use maybe a large sticker sheet. Anything with a sticky back should work just fine. Then, just trace their hand.


I know, I say that so casually. Oh, just go ahead and trace a toddler hand. Easy right? Yeah – it wasn’t my 2 year old that gave me the problem. It was my 4 year old. He would not stay still! 2 year old – one try. 4 year old – 3 tries. Needless to say this will probably be the hardest part of this project.


Grab your markers. I used the Metallic BIC Mark-it Permanent Markers. I really love all the color options. In addition to the gold and silver, they also have a purple, pink, blue, green and copper colors. The metallics do shimmer in the light which is always a bonus for me.

So cut out your hand and place it in the middle of your plate. I found my plates from Crate & Barrel for only $3.99! Score! Press around the edges of your hand print and start to make dots around your design.


Using one marker at a time – dot around the entire hand. You will start to see a layer effect going on. You really can’t go wrong with adding as many dots as you want.  Remove your hand print and your design will be underneath.  If you notice any bleeds – use a q-tip with a little amount of water or alcohol. This will clean up any stray marks. You can also add the name and date, if you want.

Place your plates in the oven and bake on 400 for 30 minutes. Once you plates are cool to the touch and you still notice they are not fully dry – you can place them back in the oven for another 30.

IMG_8906 copy

Done! A perfect gift for moms or grandmas this Mother’s Day!! I just love how my turned out. I will be hanging them on the wall using this DIY Plate Hanger idea from Barbara at Chase the Star. Smart, huh?!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Disclaimer: **Please know that I did receive markers from BIC to use in my posts. My opinions are 100% my own.**