Make A Car Caddy - Lil Mrs Tori


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I’ve got two boys…on any given day, my purse looks like a toy car junk yard. Seriously. It’s where Hot Wheels go to…well…get lost. Half the weight of my purse probably comes from these cars!!  I came up with this little car caddy to help me organize these little suckers!! I love it because it is pretty small and rolls right up and it doubles as a play mat.  It’s a win-win at restaurants and my purse is no longer a mess. Want to make one of your own? It’s pretty easy and here’s how!

Here is what you will need:

Materials Needed for Toy  Car Organizer | Lil Mrs Tori

I used wool felt and my interfacing is Pellon 808. It is iron-on.  I would start by ironing on your interface to the front piece of your fabric.

Car Caddy Roll | Lil Mrs Tori

Place your road stripes on the black felt and sew on.

Car Caddy | Lil Mrs Tori

Place your black felt onto your inside piece.  I measured by placing the cars onto my felt and marking with pins. It ended up being spaced around 3″ a part.


Sew your pockets by stitching lines where your pin markers were.


Place your ribbons – 12 inches long per ribbon – on to one side. Place the front piece on top.  The two fabrics will be right side together – wrong sides of the fabric facing out. Pin all the way around. Stitch the two fabrics together leaving a 3 inch space to pull your fabric through.

Hot Wheels Organizer | Lil Mrs Tori

Car Caddy Roll | Lil Mrs Tori

Stitch all the way around the car caddy to close the opening.


You are done!! It took me about an hour from start to finish. It really is a very simple sewing project!

I love this roll up. It is small enough to put in my purse and it organizes all those cars! I  had to make two. Each boy had to have their own!

Happy Sewing!