This is a stray from my usual crafty posts but I wanted to just write to tell you of my morning experience.

A morning that did not start off so great.

I woke up already sweating – never a good sign. I do hope this little L.A. heat wave will be over soon.  It’s 7:00 a.m. and I barely had a sip of coffee before my two start fighting.  They play great for like 5 minutes then fight the next 10. Repeat this for two hours and that is how my morning goes. Do all brothers fight like this? Please tell me I’m not the only one…maybe it’s just a phase. That is what I will tell myself. 😉

To tops things off we had therapy to get to and B was giving me one heck of a fight on going. Enter the screams -he runs under the table – screams some more. Sigh. The only thing I am thinking of is “this kid is still in his undies…I guess getting him dressed will be interesting!”

I get everyone ready and in the car and realize I only put eyeshadow on one eye. Yikes, thank goodness for big sunglasses! B is crying because he doesn’t want to go. Ryan is crying just because B is crying. I make it to therapy and immediately Ryan throws himself on the floor crying in front of the entire office staff. We must of looked amazing or maybe just an amazing hot mess.

I drop B off and I have 45 minutes to make a Home Depot run.  I’ve never been to this Home Depot before and I was a little worried.  I needed some wood cut and you never know how long that could take you…add in traffic…not knowing the store and it’s cutting things close.

I left my stroller at home and was trying to strategically figure out how I can manage a toddler and big piece of beadboard together. I was already sweating by the time I got there and even contemplating turning around.

I walk into Home Depot and within a minute was greeted by what I can only describe him as the Home Depot Angel. It was just like poof, he was there. He asked me if I needed help.

Why…yes. Yes.I.Do.

He ran and got me a cart, loaded up the boards, and took me off to the cutting center.  Then, poof, again another nice employee comes to cut my board. He helps me figure out the dimensions and explains in detail directions to an aisle I need. When I made it back to the cut center,  he labeled each of the boards on the back so I knew the dimensions when I got home. Amazing!

I head to the check out. There was a bit of line but POOF – like a magical little fairy another employee opens the register right in front of me.  He was just as helpful as the others while checking me out. My trip took less than 15 minutes.

I floated on out of the Home Depot with my cut boards in hand and immediately my day was better.   It’s amazing what a few nice people can do to your mood. They were all genuinely nice happy people and that can lift spirits. It did for me. Hands down this has been the best shopping experience I ever had in L.A. and it was at a Home Depot. So to all those employees at The Home Depot in Torrance – Thank you. You made this harried mom feel a little less stressed! I will definitely be going out of my way to visit you more often.

BTW – I can’t wait to show you all what I am making with this beadboard!


Have you ever had a day/mood turn around just by the actions of a stranger? Tell me about it below!