Let’s talk about one of my favorite places to visit in this city.  It’s called the Fabric District. My Mother in Law and I try to head down there at least every few months to add to our fabric stash. Inspiration fills me as I walk down the street lined with fabric, feathers, and notions. It’s hard not to get lost.


I could spend most of the day just wandering from shop to shop. I’ve found some great finds like…white and gold ropes…lace…countless fun fabrics. It’s also a place where I find cheap tablecloths and rugs. Random, I know.


Here I am…super excited about some lace.  Where else can you score some cool lace for .50 a yard?  Most of the stores are organized but there are a few that just have mounds and mounds of random scraps, ropes, buttons. It can be a little overwhelming.  Those are the places you can find deals.


When I visit I always go to one of my favorite shops, Michael Levine.  They have an amazing selection of fabrics. They always have what I am looking for and usually have a sale everyday.  The day I went I scored minky fabric for $5 a yard!


So if you are ever in town and you love fabric,notions, and crafts then stop by the fabric district. Try and plan at least half of your day here just perusing all the interesting fabric shops!