The past few weeks B has been giving me a hard time about going to speech. I’ve talked to his teachers to find out if there has been any changes and they all report he does very well. It’s just getting him to speech is the problem.  So I took to the internet in search of a reward chart. I fell in love with this one because it had the words “can do it”. He CAN do it and I just love that attitude.

So I made a magnetic version and it has been paying off. Here is how I made it.

You will need:
Tin Sheet
Small tin bucket
Vinyl  (Expressions Vinyl in Mint is what I used)
Contact paper
Wood Stars – Found them in the wood section of JoAnn’s
Magnets (I used this and this)

Metal Hole Puncher


BIC Mark-IT Permanent Marker – Silver

IMG_9230I used my Silhouette to cut the vinyl. I used contact paper to transfer the vinyl to the tin sheet. Just place the contact paper over the vinyl press and then simply transfer it to the tin sheet.  Rub or press down on the letters and pull the contact paper off.

IMG_9233I used a BIC Mark-It Permanent Marker in Silver and a ruler to make the chart.  I then added the days of the week and the reward vinyl pieces.

I used a pair of metal hole punchers to create holes so I could hang up the chart with twine.

I found these adorable little wooden stars.  I was so excited to use my wood burner for the first time to decorate them!! Just a side note: The wood stars are small and could be a choking hazard if you have small children. I wouldn’t recommend using them for a child younger than 3.


I just made random designs. My technique needs a little work! I attached the magnets to the back using a little bit of E-6000.

I attached a magnet to the back of the small tin pail to hold all the stars. I also added the word stars in vinyl to the tin pail.

I printed out the behaviors, chores, and rewards. You can print out my labels here: Rewards and Chores Printable

Then laminated them.  I left a few blank so I could write in a new chore or reward.  I also attached the magnet to hold all the behaviors or chores. They can be placed on the back of the chart when not in use.


Here it is in action.

The reward chart has been working! He is excited to put a new star on his chart. I think I will just start with one or two behaviors/chores a week for now. I really want to focus on having a positive attitude about going to speech for now.   We will add more or take away chores/behaviors with time.

At the beginning of the week I ask him what reward he wants to work for. He can choose between a toy, bowling, a date with mom or dad, or a left a blank one. I can write whatever he is in the mood for on that one.

That’s it! We will continue using this little chart for now. It has been making such a difference in his overall behavior!