Good Morning!

Today, I have a quick little back to school project. When B was in preschool last year I would always write him little lunch box notes.  I had these photo stickers I would use to decorate the notes.  He would always comment after school about his little notes in his lunchbox.   This year I decided that I was going to keep doing the notes but make them reusable. That way I’m not wasting all those cute sticker pictures!

I made up this simple printable for the note. You can download the free print here:

Lunchbox Notes Printable


I decorated the notes with these sticker pictures from Printsagram. It was a simple app to use and I was able to pick and choose which photos from my Instagram feed to print. You get 252 stickers – that’s a lot of decorating!  I like using the pictures because even though he can’t read yet, he can look back on the fun times we had over the summer.

I ran the notes through my trusty laminator! I love that machine! I used a Vis-a-Vis marker and wrote my wipe away message. I like using the Expo Vis-A-Vis pen because it’s a wet erase. That way the note should not be wiped away by lunch time.

That’s it! We are slowly getting ready for the big adventure to kindergarten here!  Are you ready for the school year to begin?