Hi Friends!

We have had some big changes with my family going on this summer.  The biggest one being that my husband decided to separate from the military. He has served for nine years so it was a tough decision but one that he made with our family in mind.  The summer kicked off with the ever-so-fun job hunt.  Boy! I never knew how hard being out on the job hunt can be!!  We found out in late July that he landed a great job in San Antonio, Texas.   While it was a scary thought for all of us for him to leave the Air Force, I am absolutely 100% excited for this new beginning.
So in three very short weeks, we will have movers coming in and packing up all our stuff. We are going to be staying in a temporary house for now until we can get settled. B is starting Kindergarten this year and I’ve already started the process of enrolling him in his new school. The only thing I know about San Antonio is the 12 hour stop we made on our road trip last year.  It will be a new adventure for sure!
PicMonkey Collage So for the next couple of weeks, we will be enjoying all the things we have had on our Los Angeles bucket list and saying our goodbyes to friends we have made here.  It’s always bittersweet to move, even when you are excited to leave.