Hi Friends,
I’ve been wanting to share my craft space for awhile! It was a two year ever evolving process in the making and now that we are moving it was now or never! So I snapped a few pictures before things started to get boxed up. Actually, as I type, my craft area is already half way packed up.

We live in a condo here in Los Angeles and things are a bit tight.  My craft area is also the dining room.  Not the “we have this extra dining room to spare” type of house it is our only and main eating area. That area is also shared with my kitchen and living room, it’s one big open room.  It was the only space that could house all of my crafts and I had to work around knowing I couldn’t just shut the door in the middle of a project.  I had to be a tidy crafter which by nature I am not, it was a bit of a challenge.  I love looking at other people’s crafting spaces so I thought you would like to see where I hang my scissors. Here is my tour of my little crafting space.

So let’s start with the chair.  It was a rescue I found at a estate sale a couple years ago and it looked like this:

2012-08-11 14.54.27
A new pad and a little spray paint can go a long way! My desk was also found at a garage sale and it was originally black.  I painted it a couple years ago but I just recently refreshed it with a coat of Americana Decor Chalk Paint in Everlasting.  You will find that 90% of the furniture I have in my craft area had been things I found at garage sales or on the side of the road.  For one, I like the challenge of turning what someone trashed into a something new.  It’s also cheap and sometimes free. I like cheap. Especially, when it comes to crafting spaces that are going to take a beating anyway!


I added new knobs that I found on a shopping date with my friend Amy from One Artsy Mama at Anthropologie.
The small dresser was actually free and I found it on the side of the road. I picked it up and spray painted it to match my chair.  It houses all of my ribbons and various types of glue. ( I actually never thought about how many types of glue I have…hot glue, tacky glue, glitter glue, glue dots….I just went way off track.)  Ahem….The little metal cart is from IKEA and I use it to store Silhouette and sewing supplies. The white vertical paper holders on top turned out to be a great place to house some of my favorite scrapbook paper and my Silhouette mats.


I use a rolling cart for my Silhouette Machine. I like having my machine on wheels so that I can roll it to my desk or dining table.  This cart also houses my trusty laminator (must laminate all things!).   I keep most of my stock paper in clear bins found at Consumer Crafts.  I like the look to them.  The old 7-up crate holds all my rolled up vinyl and contact paper.


On my wall, I have a three bucket organizer from IKEA.  It contains my scissors, pens, and markers.  Above that, is a my mason jar shelf I use to hold random sewing supplies.  The top shelf is my double-sided photo backdrop. It acts as decoration when it’s not in use.  I added the paper wreath I made last year.

Above my desk is various pictures I took of the boys, my Instagram art, my hexagon art and one of my favorite quotes. To the other side of my desk is my craft supply cupboard.


You can read all about that makeover here.

That’s it! My small shared crafting space.  Like I said, it was a challenge trying to keep that shared space cleaned. I had to accept that my craft area was pretty much in the middle of everything. It worked for what it was and it did make me a tidy crafter!