Hi Friends,

We have made it to San Antonio! We have been here for about one week and finally feeling a bit settled. We are staying in temporary housing for now so that’s been a little adjustment for the boys.  I want to thank my friend Candice for letting us crash at her place along our travels! She even made me a key lime pie (my favorite) to celebrate my birthday.

My birthday was nice and low key this year. We were packing up to move and all I wanted to do was head down to Manhattan Beach Pier to soak it all in. I knew this would be the last time at the beach for awhile.  I will definitely miss being so close to those gorgeous beaches.


I took this picture from under the boardwalk.  My birthday this year was a bit sad for me. My grandfather passed away the following week and his funeral was held that day.  It was impossible with the move for me to make it to the funeral so the beach was a great place for me to go.  It was  a quiet and serene place to be that day to think about my grandpa and my family back home.






After that day things went into full packing mode.


We lived with boxes stacked up like towers for over 2 days. The boys didn’t mind. They thought it was pretty cool.


As fast as all our stuff was packed in boxes, it left on a big semi truck headed to some storage place in San Antonio. We are building a house and it won’t be done until the end of October. So our things will be in storage for a couple of months. I’ve already started counting down the weeks!!

We jumped in the car and it took us three days of driving to get here. Once we arrived, my first thing to do was to get B enrolled in school.  He started Kindergarten this year and the schools were already in session.


This by far has been the toughest part of the move for us. It was so hard sending him off to Kindergarten in a new school. I guess I always had this plan in my head when B started school. I wanted to be settled in a town we knew and him comfortable and prepared for his new school career. His kindergarten experience was nothing like I had planned. New school, new teachers, new city…new everything. I was feeling so nervous for him and he was just as nervous. Nothing was harder than letting go of his little hand that first day. I made it to the car before my tears came.  I worried about him all day and hoped he had made a friend or two. He was all smiles at pick-up but the transition into school for him has been tough. He has been going for one week now and it’s getting easier by the day.  Yesterday, was the first tear free drop off. I hope for more!

That’s all for now! I’ve just been exploring this new city (excited to live in a place with actual sweet tea again!) and trying to make our temporary home as “homey” as possible.

’till next time,