Shibori Technique Dinner Napkins

I have really been loving the shibori tie dye design I have seen lighting up my Pinterest boards and even in stores now. I decided to try my hand at it on some white dinner napkins.  It turned out to be a very simple DIY project. If you would like to try making some for your next dinner party follow along!

what you will needtriangle border

  • Dinner Napkins – You can make your own or store bought. I found mine at World Market.
  • Amethyst Purple Rit Dye
  • Royal Blue Rit Dye
  • Rubber Bands
  • Bucket

Tie Dye Napkins

Gather up your rubber bands and napkins. I decided on two different shibori techniques for my napkins.

IMG_2803 copy

For the first design, accordion fold your napkin long ways.

IMG_2804 copy

Then accordion fold it to form a square. I ended up getting three good folds.

IMG_2806 copy

Then wrap it up with rubber bands. Your first design is complete.

IMG_2809 copy

For the second design, I simply twisted the cloth and secured small sections with a rubber band. Done!

Prepare the dye

IMG_2856 copy

I followed the instructions on the back of the Rit dye bottle. I wanted to have a vibrant purple almost blue color so I decided to do some mixing. I used an entire bottle of Amethyst Purple and 1/2 a bottle of the Royal Blue dye.  I mixed the dye, 1 cup of salt, and hot water together in a bucket.

Rit Dye Dinner Napkins

I added my napkins and stirred everything up. I did stir on and off the entire time my napkins were in the bucket. I didn’t continuously stir because…well… I just don’t have time for that!  I left my napkins in for about 60 minutes.

Shibori Technique Dinner Napkins

Once they were done soaking in the dye bath, I rinsed them with warm water and laundry soap. I hung them out side to dry.

Dinner Napkins Tie Dye

I love how they turned out! The colors are so vibrant and love those designs!

Shibori Technique Dinner Napkins Place Setting

I think they look great as a place setting.

Shibori Technique Dinner Napkins

They even make a great gift for a house warming or for the holidays. I was surprised how easy it was to make. It made a great lazy Sunday afternoon craft. 🙂