Disclaimer: Please know that I was given a roll of Tombow Xtreme glue tape to use for this project. As always, my reviews and opinions are all my own.

Make Your Own Halloween Boo Banner | Lil Mrs Tori

So, I have officially started gearing up for Halloween over here! As you might know, we are staying in a temporary place for now and all of my seasonal decorations are in storage.  I really like to decorate for Halloween and I didn’t want the holiday to pass by without a few decorations here and there.  I have found that paper is the easiest way to make inexpensive holiday decorations.

I was asked by Tombow to come up with a project using their new Xtreme glue tape. It says that it is 5 times stronger than any glue tape. So, I really wanted to put this glue to the test!! I wanted to see how well it would hold up if I used chipboard and glitter paper. I can never get regular tape glue to stick to glitter paper. The chipboard is just really heavy and I would just be impressed if it held once my banner was all together!

If you want to make a boo banner of your own, here are the supplies you will need.

Tombow Xtreme Supplies

  • (2) 12 x 12 glitter card stock (I used black/gray chevron and purple)
  • 12 x 12 Orange and white card stock
  • Tombow Xtreme Glue
  • Chipboard Pennant (found at local craft store)
  • Chipboard letters (found at local craft store)
  • Ribbon
  • IMG_3469 copy

I started by tracing 3 pennant flags out on the black chevron paper using the chipboard as my guide. Cut all three flags out.

IMG_3472 copy

I then traced the letters on the purple glitter card stock. Be sure to flip the B so that it is facing the right way, once you cut it out.

IMG_3474 copy
I used my Silhouette to cut the white and orange circles out.  You do not need a machine to do that! I just took the easy way out. You can use a bowl or cup to trace a circle. Once everything has been cut, you are ready to glue!

IMG_3477 copy
Glue your paper onto the chipboard. A little trick taught to me by Tombow is to use a side swipe right before you are done gluing. If you don’t swipe to the side the glue doesn’t break so easily when lifting up. It’s an important trick to learn when working with this tape. You can check out the YouTube video showing that technique here.

IMG_3478 copy

Then glue your orange circle on top. I ALWAYS have a problem using glue tape on glitter paper. I was pretty impressed that the Tombow Xtreme had no problem keeping my pieces together.

IMG_3481 copy

I glued my white circle and then the chipboard B to the banner. I was pretty skeptical it would all hold once lifted.

IMG_3483 copy

I finished the banner and added ribbon to the top to hold it all together.

Halloween Boo Banner | Lil Mrs Tori

So how did it hold up?  The Tombow Xtreme glue was able to hold two pieces of card stock and a chipboard letter all glued to glitter paper. This banner actually fell off my wall a couple of times (because I tried hanging it up with tape, yes I know…but I have reasons: I have no thumbtacks and I don’t want to put holes in the wall! I need to get some hooks!) but the banner stayed intact!!! I was impressed. I even used the glue to hold the spiders on and it did work. However,  my two year old wouldn’t leave them alone…so I may or may not have glittery spiders on this banner now. 😉


Easy Halloween Banner | Lil Mrs Tori
That’s is all to it! My little BOO banner to brighten up this little apartment for the holidays! I like how it turned out!
I really liked working with the Tombow Xtreme glue. I was really impressed that it was able to hold like it said on the package. I will definitely be using this glue again and I won’t be shying away from any projects using glitter paper now!


Disclaimer: Please know that I was given a roll of Tombow Xtreme glue tape to use for this project. As always, my reviews and opinions are all my own.