Good Morning, my friends!

This craft has been on my “crafting bucket list” for oh about 3 years now. I had no idea how I was going to execute it….what I wanted it to look like…or how I was even going to find the time to start it. You know…all those thoughts that keep you from doing a project. I set out on Pinterest to gather up some inspiration! I really loved the monogrammed skirts I found and I absolutely love burlap and I’m really loving plaid this season too! So I pulled all of those elements together to come up with this tree skirt. I guess I created a tree skirt mood board, if you will. 🙂

I did not want to piece my skirt so I racked my brain on what I could use for the base. I had a huge piece of canvas BUT that was just a smidgen too short. My mind went immediately to drop cloths. I knew that would be big enough that I wouldn’t have to piece together the skirt! Plus….they are cheap. Win – Win!  I am going to walk you through how I made my drop cloth tree skirt. It was totally made up as I went a long so do keep that in mind 😉  Here is what you need to get started.

Materials needed: 

  • Drop Cloth 4ft by 5ft
  • Quilt Batting
  • Ribbon (I used a roll of 2.5 inches by 50 ft Plaid ribbon from Joann Fabrics)
  • Burlap Roll ( I used a roll found in the wreath making aisle of Joann Fabrics)
  • Large Eyelet Kit and Hammer
  • Jute Rope
  • Silhouette // Heat Transfer Vinyl // Iron
  • Sewing Machine // Needle // Thread // Scissors // Pins (ya know, the sewing basics;))

Step One: 


I know I cheated a bit here. I used my old tree skirt as a guide for my circle. Never fear though! I have a trusty little diagram for you. Here are my dimensions.


So your circle will need to be 41 inches across with a 4 in circle in the middle. I also cut along the back to give it a slit to fit around the tree.  To achieve that perfect circle, I am going to send you over to this site. They tell you how to cut a really large circle without a pattern. So hop over there if you are having some trouble getting that circle nice and round.


Step 2:

Now once my circle was cut, I thought it looked a little lifeless. It needed some weight to it.  You can totally skip this part if you want but I think it looks loads better with a little quilt batting. I used some batting that I had left over from a quilt so I did have to piece it together. I just sewed the two pieces of batting together to get it to the size needed.  I pinned around my tree skirt and sewed the batting and the drop cloth right along the edges using a straight stitch.

Step 3: 

Yay! Your tree skirt is about done! Your next part will be gathering the ribbon and burlap. If you are little worried about gathering – head over to this site Sew 4 Home. They have the best tutorial on gathering.  I rolled my burlap and ribbon out on top of each other.  I measured out 222 inches of ribbon and burlap. I wanted to be sure that I had enough to go around with a lot of ruffles!


Then sewed them with a basting stitch together.


Then gently pulled and pulled and pulled the bottom thread to form my gather. Remember to leave a long piece of thread on either ends when gathering! Also don’t back stitch – you won’t be able to gather if you do that.


Step 4:

I used the leftover ribbon to bind the slit part of my skirt. I sandwiched the ribbon in half around my open seam and pinned all the way around. I used a straight stitch to close it up.


Step 4:


I pinned my ruffles to the skirt. I hand sewed the ruffles to the top of my skirt.

Step 5:


To finish off the ends of the ruffles I cut of any excess and tucked the ends under. I sewed a straight stitch to secure.

Step 6: 


To tie my skirt, I choose metal eyelets. I followed the directions on the back of the package. I tied jute rope to secure the skirt. Here is what it looks like finished:


Hip, Hip Hooray your tree skirt is DONE! Now on to the monogram portion….

I used the font Century SchoolBook for my monogram. To make that EST. 2005 curved you hoover over the letter so the green box appears. Make a circle shape. Tip: Hold the SHIFT key while making the circle to make it a perfect sized circle. Drag that little circle part within the green box and pull your text into the circle shape where you would like it to go.

Screenshot 2014-12-06 17.14.36

Screenshot 2014-12-06 17.14.46

Adjust your text spacing by playing with the Character Spacing in the lower right hand box.

Screenshot 2014-12-06 17.15.32


Once my design was ready you have to mirror your image….because you don’t want this to happen to you:


I can’t even count how many time I’ve done this!!! I seriously need to write it on my machine before I cut.

So to mirror your monogram…Head to OBJECT >> MIRROR >> Flip Horizontally 

Screenshot 2014-12-06 17.16.21

When I try to mirror my EST won’t flip. To get my EST. 2005 to flip correctly I must make it a compound shape. To do that select your circle and text >> Right Click >> Make Compound Path.

Screenshot 2014-12-06 17.17.09

Now when you mirror it will do it’s flip.

Screenshot 2014-12-06 17.17.19

Now, you need to go back into your cut settings and select the circle to NO CUT.

Screenshot 2014-12-06 17.19.01

Send to your Silhouette for cutting and you are ready to weed!


I use my trusty hook tool to weed out all the vinyl I will not use. I place my image where I want it to go and press with a hot iron and a thin piece of fabric over my heat transfer vinyl (HTV). Once my transfer plastic can be removed, I press again with a thin fabric over top. I added two red snowflakes to my design. You can find these snowflakes in the Silhouette Store. I simply added them to my skirt after my monogram was already ironed.


Here is how the skirt looks in my living room….


I love how it turned out! I was originally going to add all over our names in a arc above the G but I had a HTV mishap and that didn’t happen. That’s why it says Grants instead of Grant ;). I can always add those names in later! Thanks for sticking with me on this mega huge post. The skirt took me about 4 hours to completely finish. It was made in a day, folks! 😉

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