Every year I send out PJ’s for Christmas. The tradition is that everyone has to wear them on Christmas Eve and video chat with us. It’s been a fun tradition because even though we are far away it makes us feel like we are close by. This year I thought I would cheese ball it up a bit. Along with their PJ bottoms, I made everyone a shirt that said “Awesome Grandma, Grandpa, etc…” They were so easy to make and even the boys stepped in to help me.
Here is how I made them. 

I ended up making 14 of these shirts. So I ordered them in bulk from Blank Shirts.  They shipped super fast and the price was right!


  • Silhouette Stencil Material
  • Silhouette Black Fabric Ink
  • Sponge
  • Cardstock or cardboard


I measured my shirts. I wanted the “Awesome” stencil to be reused over and over. So I measured my smallest shirt and sized my stencil accordingly to that.

Before you begin you must design your stencil in the Silhouette Studio. My design was super simple and my font was Bebas Neue. The trick to using Stencil Material is to create bridges with your stencil. It’s very easy if you have the designer edition. All you need to do is use your knife tool.  Once the knife tool has been clicked my settings are Straight >>Solid. stencilmaterialbridges

Then I just slice where I need the middle section. For example, the letter “A” I need that inner triangle piece. So I simply draw a line with my knife tool.

Here is my SVG file for reference or feel free to use it!


Once my design is ready I send it to the Silhouette for cutting. Once it is finished cutting I weed out all the pieces I will not use.


To make the shirt I simply laid my stencil out on the shirt. Place a piece of cardstock or board in between the shirt so it doesn’t bleed through. I use a big yellow sponge and dab the ink on. I wanted the shirts to look like a rough stencil so I did not have to worry about keeping in the lines.  This was perfect because my boys got in on the action! I needed the help so I was more than happy to let them.


Let them dry overnight. Then run a hot iron over the paint to seal. DONE! The stencil material held up beautifully between uses. That one “awesome” stencil was used 14 times and was still strong at the end.


I paired them with PJ bottoms from Old Navy. I love how they turned out!


I found the “I Am Awesome” shirt from Old Navy. It’s for the babies in our family. It matches perfectly with the rest of the shirts.


I printed out my gift tags. Which you can do here: Awesome Gift Tags!


Packaged them all up with some ribbon and they are ready to be sent out. On the back of the tags, I wrote “handmade by B and Ryan”.


Here is just a few all ready to go out in the mail. I hope my family likes them. We had a good time making them! 🙂

We will be having an awesomely awesome cheeseball Christmas Eve. I hope you do the same!