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It is the first Silhouette Challenge of the year! This month’s challenge was organization with a bonus if you used vinyl in your project. This challenge was perfect for me. I have been dreading cleaning out my pantry. We have only lived in our house for four months and I never really made a system for the pantry yet. Things were just kind of shoved in places and  were in need of some order. So what better way to organize a pantry than to make cute labels for it??

I did complete the bonus challenge this month because my labels were made from printable vinyl! I had no idea this even existed and let me tell you I am a new printable vinyl fan!!!! I found my printable vinyl here.

I was also able to get a chance to figure out how to use the Silhouette Connect software. Wow! It was amazing how easy it was to cut right from Illustrator. It did take me a while to figure how it worked but I see myself using this program a lot in my future! I am including my steps on how to use the Silhouette Connect program.

How to use Silhouette Connect

(If you don’t use Illustrator just click here to skip down past this!) 😉 

Screenshot 2015-01-09 20.33.57So before you begin I have a few tips before you even start the Silhouette Connect program:

*The program can cut by layers or by color. Keep this in mind when creating your artwork in Illustrator. I choose to cut by color so I had to make sure the edges that I wanted to cut where one color and that I did not use that particular color anywhere else that I did not want cut. You can also cut by layers so that if you do need something cut but want to use the same color elsewhere in your design that you do not want the Silhouette to cut be sure to make it a separate layer in Illustrator. * (A tip I wished I knew before starting!)

To add registration marks to your page go to File >> Silhouette Connect >> Silhouette Registration Marks

this will add the registration marks right to your art board. Load your printable vinyl in to your printer and print.

Now open up Silhouette Connect by going to File >> Silhouette Connect >> Send to Silhouette Connect

Screenshot 2015-01-09 20.34.09

It will open and look something like this. Click on Cut Conditions and this is where you select whether you want your design to be cut by layers or color. I choose color and clicked off the colors that I did not want the Silhouette to cut.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 20.36.02

Be sure to change your cut settings down below to vinyl and once you have your document ready go to Silhouette >> Send to Silhouette. Done. Your labels are now cut precisely out.  This program seriously saves you a ton of time if you design a lot in Illustrator. 🙂

Print and Cut from the Silhouette Studio

Screenshot 2015-01-10 11.02.55

I imported my designs into a Silhouette file to share with you today. The files are located at the end of this post. You can click here to jump to them. Keep in mind that I made these labels a bit on the larger scale so that you could size them how you want. Be sure to run a test page on regular paper before loading in any materials. I grouped them by shape. You can simply ungroup them by right clicking on the group and selecting ungroup. 

Screenshot 2015-01-10 11.04.39

The printable vinyl I worked with was standard paper size. Head to your page setting and click on the correct paper size.

Screenshot 2015-01-10 11.05.35

Last but not least add your registration marks. This tells the Silhouette what to cut. Then print out your labels on your printable vinyl. (*Pro tip: Your vinyl will come mailed in a tube all rolled up. It’s best to let it sit overnight with a big stack of books on top. It will flatten out the vinyl and it won’t jam in your printer.)

I always do a test run on standard paper through my Silhouette so that I do not waste any materials. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have messed up a project because one little thing is off. I’ve wised up and always do a test run prior to using the actual material. 😉


Here are my labels already ready for some cutting action!



Once I was ready to use my labels I peeled the vinyl that I did not use off. This made it easier to peel the labels off.


So here is my sad, sad pantry before any organization. Things are just placed everywhere and half the cereal was stale.


I like to use these clear containers for storage. I like them because 1) they are cheap (under a dollar) and 2) they are clear. I don’t use the tops.


I placed my labels on the containers and started to organize!


I also like to collect bowls and colanders from various stores and antique shops. These just hold miscellaneous items.


This chicken wire one holds the random holiday candy we accumulated.


The contents of these glass jars seem to change all the time. I think I need to make a few chalkboard labels for them!

Before long my pantry was looking pretty tidy!



I cleaned that sucker out. I couldn’t believe how many empty or half empty boxes we had just sitting there.

Download the labels!
I have a ton of options for the download today.

For those of you who do not have a Silhouette and want to just print out and cut by hand you can use this PDF file:
Pantry Labels PDF

For those of you who want
a Silhouette Studio file: Pantry Labels Silhouette Studio File

For those of you who want to play around with the separate .PNG labels in your favorite editing program:
Pantry Labels PNG Files


Happy organizing!!

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