Minecraft Valentine Box | Lil Mrs Tori

Hi Friends,

This was a super last minute valentine project. B needed a valentine box for school.  It’s his first year doing the valentine thing and we had a rough week with some illnesses so I thought I would surprise him.  The boy loves Minecraft and I actually like it too. We play it together a lot…actually our whole family plays. Ry included. 🙂  It’s “our thing”. So after searching some of Pinterest and a whole lot of Google getting some pretty awesome inspiration.  I whipped up this Minecraft themed valentine box in less than a couple of hours last night. It was pretty simple and I will include all the resources on where I found stuff if you want to make one of your own too.

Here is what you will need:

  • a color printer/printer ink
  • printer paper for wrapping the box
  • white card stock for the 3D Minecraft Characters
  • hot glue/ glue gun
  • tape
  • shoe box (mine was about 13 inches by 7 1/2 inches)
  • box cutter

I have no pictures of the actual process but it’s pretty simple. Start by cutting a rectangular hole/slit in the middle of the shoe box lid. This is pretty easy to do with a box cutter.

Valentine Box Minecraft themed

The grass block is made from this printable wrapping paper found here: Printable Minecraft Wrapping Paper

I printed out 2 copies of the grass block and 3 copies of the dirt block on printer paper. Let the paper dry a bit before wrapping your box.  I just wrapped my shoe box up with the Minecraft wrapping paper. I left the bottom of my shoe box unwrapped to save on ink.   I just used tape all around the edges of the box. I even tapped up the slit on the top to prevent any ripping.

Once the box was wrapped it was time to decorate. I loved how the box from the wrapping paper had a 3-d steve so by doing a quick Google search I found these 3-D printable Minecraft figures. I used Minecraft Steve, which can be found here: Paper Pezzy. I also found the cutest and easiest to put together (important!) sheep and pig. Both of these sites have really neat printables for Minecraft. It’s a treasure trove of Minecraft 3-D projects.

I printed out the 3-d figures on card stock and put them together using hot glue. They are adhered to the box by using a whole lotta hot glue!!!

Minecraft Valentine Box

For his name I found the font called: Minecrafter at DaFont. I did have a little help from my Silhouette Machine. I wrote his name out in Illustrator and used Silhouette Connect to cut his name out. You can always download the font and cut a name out by hand. I printed out his name on card stock and hot glued it to the box.

Minecraft Valentine Silhouette Connect

A decided it would be just easier if I created my own pixel hearts. So I designed a few hearts in Illustrator and printed them out on card stock.

valentine box boys

I hot glued them to the side of the box and added on to Minecraft Steve.

Minecraft Valentine

You can download my version of Minecraft Hearts here: Pixel Hearts


That’s it! He came down this morning and saw his valentine box. The look on his face was so sweet. He danced around and was so happy.  Mission accomplished. 🙂 Hope this helps any last minute mommas like myself put together a Minecraft themed box for your little one.