Hi friends,

I felt like it has been a little quiet around here lately. We’ve moved to Texas back in September and I have been really getting used to the place. Usually, it feels like it takes me a year or so to feel at home in a new city but it has happened so much faster here.  The people are nice and I love the ‘country but big city’ feel.
So let’s see where do I begin…Well, if you have been following my blog you may have notice the change. I’ve said goodbye to Lil’ Mrs. Tori. I felt like it was time for the change. Blogging is a journey. When I set out I knew that I loved sharing craft ideas and my blog provided me that perfect outlet.  As time went on…I realized what I really like doing…making pretty graphics, patterns, and designing blogs/websites.  If you followed me for awhile you know I change my blog look almost on a monthly basis. Over the last two years, I have poured myself into learning the in’s and out’s of Illustrator and my favorite wp theme called Headway.  So it became clear to me back in September that a change was in the works. I started working on other people’s websites…eBooks…printables. Some that I’ve shared on the blog and other’s that I’ve kept to myself.   When I finally had some downtime this past month, I decided to quietly switch over to Tori Grant Designs and Tori Grant Design Studio. I am really not finished at all. My design studio page is bare but it is coming along. It’s a process…one that I am putting a whole bunch of care in. It’s been my baby over the past few months and it’s exciting to see it all come to reality. Here is just a few projects I have worked on over the last 6 months…
[ess_grid alias=”blogportfolio”]

I have still be craft blogging. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been super busy on Crafts Unleashed. Here are just a few of my projects over the last few months…

Fairy-succulent-garden-Crafts-UnleashedSucculent Fairy Garden

Mother’s Day Mason Jar Candle + Printable


Rosette Backdrop

I’ve also been busy with my boys. We have had a great time exploring the city. One of our favorite places is Tejas Rodeo. Here are a few shots from there.


I can never get a good pic of B…because when he sees I have the camera he shoots me this face.

IMG_0275 IMG_0278-2 IMG_0281

IMG_0298 IMG_0311-2

I’ve never heard of mutton busting until we went here. It’s a thing.






I’ve also been fascinated by the gorgeous wildflowers. My mother in law and I went to a place called Wildseed Farms. This place had me at the sign posted out in front…’flowers + wine’. They know their audience.


B also had his first shoebox float parade at school for Fiesta. We decided to go with a “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” theme.

IMG_0338 IMG_0360 IMG_0390

We also explored the Botanical Gardens. That succulent picture makes me want to try to DIY a stone planter!!

That’s been my year so far in a nutshell. I’ve been busy working on this new phase of my blog, having fun learning my new camera, and out just enjoying life!

Hope you all have a great weekend!