Hi Friends,

Over the past few months, I have found myself busy taking a few online art classes. I took one class in hand lettering. Our challenge was just to make a one word or simple phrase for a post card. So over a series of drawings my final sketch looked something like this…


I sent it to Illustrator and cleaned it up and it turned into this:


This little cupcake I drew in Illustrator ended up inspiring me last Saturday to come up with a series of cupcake prints.


I’ve really wanted to play around with watercolor in Illustrator and these little prints gave me the opportunity to do so!

My friend Deonna, from Child at Heart, sent me a note a few weeks ago coordinating an event to decorate a gallery frame from Target. I told her I would but I had NO idea what I was going to do. 😉 Then, it hit me! Those cupcake prints I made!! I loved the watercolor look to them. The Target gallery frame has a huge white mat.


I knew my cupcake print would get lost in all the white.


not bad…just a whole lot of white going on.

So I decided to keep that watercolor theme and grab my watercolors from the closet.  These aren’t just any watercolors…they are my grandpa’s. After my grandpa passed away last year, my grandma sent my sister and I a huge box of all his old watercolor supplies. Brushes, watercolors, palettes, paper, and even some of his framed artwork. He really liked to collect watercolor supplies!! He had a lot! Instead of them just collecting dust in my cabinets, I have set out to use them. I absolutely love to use his old stuff and has quickly become some of my favorite supplies.


I started with just a sheet to see what design I wanted to put on the mat. I played around with a few patterns like chevron or arrows…but I thought it looked too busy. I decided a nice watercolor wash would be perfect.

I flipped the mat over and just painted the entire mat shades of blue. I decided to paint on the back first because if I ever need a white mat…I’ve got one!!


Once it was dried, I put it back into the frame with my print.  I loved how it turned out.


It just gives it a little color that it needed!


I am having a hard time deciding which print I like more!


Want my print? You can download it here for free.

Diets are hard

Hello Cupcake

So there you have it! A way to dress up a white frame! If you are looking for more ideas on how to dress up the Target white frame check out these projects below…


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