I am so excited to share with you a new blog design that I have been working on.

Meredith from Unoriginal Mom messaged me a little over a month ago ready for her blog to get a new look. I have known Meredith for almost 2 years now ?? (wow, it doesn’t seem that long!!) We met through the Silhouette Challenge Facebook Group that we both help coordinate. I was totally excited she came to me and to get started on her new look!! So the first step of business was to find out the look Meredith was going for.  I opened up a Pinterest board and she started pinning ideas for what she liked. I also sent her a design questionnaire for her to fill out.

What really spoke to me after reading her answers was her journey through her blog. She started out as a Pinterest review site where she would take projects she found on Pinterest and try them herself. She never thought of herself as creative but through her projects.  To put it in her words: “Through the journey, though, I discovered a lot more creativity and originality in me that I didn’t know was there!”  Neat, huh? 🙂 I knew I wanted to play on that someway in the design.

So for design she gave me so many ideas – streamlined, clean, simple, trendy, like the hand drawn look but not too cute, she also liked watercolors, floral but not too flowery, and soft colors.  So my goal was to try to narrow down just what she was looking for.  I came up with quite a few header looks and sent them to her to see what really stood out.


After a few back and forth emails of what she liked – we came up with the final header. I lightened the UN with a lighter shade of gray to make the original pop.


I also designed a couple of variations of her header so that she could use them throughout her branding and her blog. I always love those little details and I think they make a big impact throughout a blog. Once the overall design was decided the blog design started on a test site. We worked together the entire time getting the look she wanted for her blog.

I love how it all turned out. It looks just like she said at the beginning  streamlined, clean, and simple.   I am so excited to see it all up and running! Seeing it all live just puts a huge smile on my face! I love seeing it all come together and the excitement of having a fresh new design for her blog.  It was great to work with Meredith and I hope she enjoys her new look!

If you are looking for a new design for your blog you can check out my design studio here.