Hi Friends,

I’ve been taking a Skillshare class taught by Elizabeth Olwen on Surface Pattern Design.  First of all, let’s talk about Skillshare. If you are interested in learning Illustrator, hand lettering, watercolors…head over to Skillshare. I’ve been taking classes there for a year and I have learned so much. The content just keeps getting better!! It’s a pretty cool way for stay at home mom’s like me can learn a little something new.

O.K. back to the class… She held a two week design challenge. There was something about having a deadline that really helped me put this project together!

We first had to start off with a mood board. I decided to go with a subject that I love…the ocean. The ocean reminds me of home and I have always been drawn to nautical images.  I thought I would put a little spin on it and throw in mosaic tiles. Inspiration

Once I put together the board it was time to draw out my sketches.


Then, it was time to digitize those images. Here is what it looks like when they are in Illustrator waiting to get colored. You might notice my starfish grew in size. I ended up drawing him on my Wacom tablet later on when my skinny starfish just wasn’t working for me in the pattern. I like a good hearty starfish ;).



Here is what the final pattern ended up looking like. I did not realize how much time I would spend rearranging the pattern. I would get it one way and then when I would look at the repeat I would think “eh this is off” or
“this is too close to that” and I would go back and change it. Hours. I tell you. Hours. In fact, at one point I just had to stop myself and move on.

Not wanting to leave my little seahorse out, I made him his own pattern. It turned out like this.


Overall, I really enjoyed the process and have a new respect for making patterns. I found it quite challenging once I got into the nitty gritty of things…especially when it came to the placement.  I’m excited to continue working on this new skill! I’ve already started thinking up new patterns to make!


I am sharing my patterns as a wallpaper for your desktop or phone. I also created a printable with the graphic. Click here to here to download: Mosaic Sea Wallpaper Collection

That’s is all for now! I want to expand on this little collection and make a few more coordinating patterns. Pattern creation is a little addicting! 🙂 I hope to be sharing many more patterns with you in the future!