Hi All!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We celebrated Thanksgiving earlier in the month with family so it was a quiet day. We took the boys to go see The Good Dinosaur, which they loved. We still managed to sneak it a bit of turkey in the form of a cake.


It has been a quiet week and I was able to get in some Christmas crafting! I fall in the decorate after Thanksgiving camp, so this weekend will be spent decorating the mantle and watching J hang the lights outside. Outside is his domain while I take over all the decorating inside.

I totally know these little mason jar snow globes are not a new idea. I have made these little jars for over two years now to decorate my table or mantle with.  This year, I decided to take it up a notch by adding some lights. The idea came to me when I did made this Succulent Fairy Garden with Crafts Unleashed. I love how the lights add a bit of whimsy to a project.

You won’t need much for this simple project and I bet you have a few of the supplies on hand already.

First, you will need some lights. I used these  Micro LED Lights on Amazon (*Affiliate Link).  They are cheap and come two to a pack.

You will also need:

  • Epsom Salt (or fake snow)
  • Jar (mine is from Hobby Lobby and I like that it does not have the Ball written on it so you can see whats inside clearly)
  • Small Tree or whatever else you want to put in your jar. You can peruse the Christmas Village displays at your local craft store for ideas.
  • Tape, Ribbon, Bells

Once you have your supplies gathered, begin by pouring in a bit of salt.


Add your lights in and pour more salt over them. I used a spoon to cover the lights up. Now the thought did cross my mind if the salt would erode the lights….and I don’t have a good answer for that! 😉  So I will just see as the month goes on if something happens. So far I am on almost 5 days and all is well.  The battery is not in the salt so I don’t know if that makes a difference or not If your worried you can always try that fake craft snow.   **Update: A poster on Hometalk has reassured me about this leaving this comment: Very cute :). And I’ll reiterate that Epsom Salts are NOT salt (magnesium sulfate NOT sodium chloride) and honestly even if the wire burst into flame which is highly unlikely, the flame would die in a closed jar. Just turn them off before bed and when you leave the house. I do that with ALL my indoor xmas lights.**


Once, you have buried your lights tape the battery pack to the top of the mason jar lid.


Add your tree or whatever else you would like and close it up. Done!


I added ribbon and few bells and it was done.


I think the lights add a fun element to this jar. It looks great displayed as a table decoration or it will look cute thrown in with the rest of the decorations around my buffet area during parties.


Here it is a night all lit up.


Have a wonderful holiday season everyone! I will be back on Monday sharing my favorite gifts for crafters with a Amazon giveaway and later in the week, I will have a printable Ugly Sweater ribbon and invite for you to download! Fun stuff ahead!



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