minecraftvalentinecardsHi Friends!

Minecraft is still the “thing” in my house.   I don’t see it going anywhere any time soon!  I love creating valentine cards for my little guys. You can check out my robot one from a couple years ago, the bubble one from last year, and the super popular teacher valentine.


So this year, I came up with these really simple Minecraft valentine’s for him to pass out at school. Our school frowns upon candy so we are handing out pencils. You can easily attach a lollipop to these cards as well.


I simply just taped the card to the pencil. Easy! You can download the PDF file below.



Last year I made B this Minecraft themed valentine box. It actually held up and he is taking it again this year. You can find out how I made this box here.
Minecraft Valentine Box | Lil Mrs Tori


Have a wonderful weekend!