Hi friends!

I have been in need of a place to really show off those goals that I want to accomplish. These goals are long term and I don’t want to just shove them in my drawer and forget about them (which is what I do).  So I created a To Do board. A place that I can hang up in my office that shows what I need to get done because if it is hanging there…right in front of my face, I’ve got to get it done!  You can also just use this board as an everyday to do list or a honey do board. 😉


This little project also makes a quick and easy gift.

Here is what you will need:

  • Hobby board (I found mine from Lowe’s)
  • Chalk Paint
  • Vinyl (for stencil)
  • Round Sponge Dauber
  • Twine
  • Drill
  • Clear Contact Paper (transfer paper)

First start by painting your board. I used chalk paint for this. I really like using chalk paint for my board projects. It has no odor so I can paint inside and I really like the matte finish.


I used my Silhouette to cut out my make it happen stencil. You can download the “Make It Happen” file here.


I wanted to make a stencil so that I could paint my design on to my board. You could just use vinyl and place the design on the board and be done! I like to paint on the design so I will be using it as a stencil – it’s just your preference! Once your stencil has been cut out – it’s time to weed. Use your hook tool to weed out all those pieces you do not need. Remember mine is being used as a stencil so if you are going the vinyl route your weeding will be a little different.


I then used a piece of clear contact paper to transfer the design to my board.



Once my stencil was transferred on the board, I used a small amount of Mod Podge over top of my design. This helps seal the stencil so that when I paint over it there won’t be any leaking underneath.


I used these clips as the clips for my board. I found them at Michael’s.


I used a tape measure to measure out the placement of my clips. I then used E6000 and glued the clips to my board. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be strong enough to hold. I was wrong. That glue really holds! I can clamp and unclamp my heart away.


I then used a drill and drilled in two holes at the top of my board. I added a rope twine for a hanger and tied it off. I used a little of the E6000 glue on the knots to keep them secure.

That’s it!


Simple little to do boards! Now it’s time to get those goals up there!