Happy New Year!

I am so ready for the new year! It was such a rough December. I spent most of it in bed because my back went out. I have a long history with back pain since I was a teenager. I’ve kept a handle on it with exercise but this December…it went out and it went out to the point where I couldn’t do a thing. It was incredibly humbling. All the plans and traditions I had for the holidays – just stopped. I couldn’t even wrap presents. It was so strange to not do all the holiday stuff that I do every year.  J was amazing though. He took over and even though I couldn’t do “all the things” he stepped up. He wrapped and he even moved the dang elf. A few days after Christmas I finally started to feel better and could start moving.  I quickly tried to make up all the lost time with boys. We have packed in as much as we could in the last four days. It’s been amazing and I’m just happy to be back to normal.

Yes, I’ve got a planner (ahem, a couple) but I needed a new throw away type calendar for the new year that I could just hang up and jot stuff down on in passing.  I put the calendar on the clipboard and hung it up right next to my computer. That way I can easily change it out each month without much issues.  My plan is to create a new one for download each month so be sure to visit again (or follow me on instagram and I will post when they are out!)

You can grab a copy here:

Happy 2018!! This year is going to be amazing! 🙂