Hi Friends!

Mother’s day is this Sunday! If you are scrambling for any last minute ideas – I’ve got a cute card you can easily print off and add to your gift.

Any foil fans out there? I want to show you what this card would look like in foil. I was little late to jump on the foil train but I got a Minc a couple years ago. It sat on my floor for like six months before I actually bought a laser printer and tried it out. After I was hooked. It is easily one of my favorite machines in my craft room. I’ve made personalized labels, gift tags, notes, and art prints. I could go on but it is so simple to do and so rewarding when you pull back that foil to see your design. I ended up getting the cheapest laser printer I could find and it’s been my foil workhorse.

Here are the steps to foil.

  • Simply print off your design using your laser printer.
  • Cut your foil to fit your design.
  • Put your foil and design in the plastic sleeve.
  • Run it through the Minc.
  • Peel back your foil and reveal your new pretty design.

That’s all there is to it. I’ve included a plain black version of this card if there are any “foil-ers” out there that want to add a little something extra to this card.

If you want the colored version of this card you can click on the link below!

I hope all those mamas out there have a wonderful mother’s day!