Valentines Weekly Planner Kit



Valentine weekly kit! You can choose between the whole kit that comes with everything listed or you can choose between individual sheets.

A. Full Boxes: This sheet has 8 full box stickers (1.5 x 1.9). It also includes a thin strip of washi and 4 bow headers.

B. Headers: This sheet includes 30 headers, 12 appointment boxes, 10 flags, 4 small flags, and 3 stickers for side area.

C. Date Covers: Includes date covers, dates, weekend sticker, and flags.

D. Washi: Includes bottom washi, hexagon, a thin strip of washi, and 8 half boxes.

E. Checklists: Includes 8 full box checklists (1.5 x 1.9) and various Christmas stickers.

The sheet is approximately 5 by 7 inches. Made to order on permanent matte sticker paper. Matte paper allows you to easily write on the stickers. All stickers are hand-drawn by me!

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